Ken Priddy Executive Director
P.O. Box 4911
Richmond, VA 23220
804-306-7942 (cell)
kenpriddyepc@gmail.com (EPC only)

Bob Stauffer Transitional Ministry Specialist
330-559-7955 (cell)

Bill Senyard Discipleship & Millennial Ministry Specialist
267-614-2035 (cell)

Tong Park Multi-Cultural Ministry Specialist
562-650-4442 (cell)

James Banks Prayer Specialist
919-810-7021 (Cell)

Jeremy Malick Finance Specialist
Church Coach Ministries
Also works with Assimilation and Building Build-Out & Design
719-238-8004 (Cell)

GO Center Regional Coordinators
To maximize vitalization or revitalization in your presbytery, district, conference, classis or other regional group, a GO Center Regional Coordinator should be recruited, trained and mobilized to serve as the link between your group and the GO Center. Contact Ken Priddy for more info.

GO Center Vision Team Coaches
The GO Center vitalization or revitalization process calls for the establishment of a Vision Team that will guide a congregation through its efforts to become more effective in reaching the community. In tandem with a GO Center Regional Coordinator, a GO Center Vision Team Coach should be recruited, trained and mobilized to come alongside the Vision Team in support of implementing the process. Contact Ken Priddy for more info.