Leadership Ladder Training
X52: Great Commission Skills for Pastors & Leaders
The 5th Gear Experience


Leadership Ladder Training utilizes The Leadership Ladder: Developing Missional Leaders in the Church (Ogne/Priddy) with its companion WORKBOOK. The Leadership Ladder is a tool that was developed by Steve Ogne, gifted trainer and coach. This tool was captured in a book co-authored by Steve and Ken Priddy. Steve went to be with the Lord after years of serious medical challenges and Ken followed through by creating a WORKBOOK that accompanies the book. In tandem, these two complementary resources can be used for on-site group training, online training, small group leadership studies or individual self-training. Leadership Ladder Training provides a pathway for developing strong missional leaders within the local church.

The Leadership Ladder: Developing Missional Leaders in the Church Outline:
____ Building Biblical Knowledge
____ Building Biblical Character
____ Living Missionally
____ Making Disciples
____ Mobilizing Ministry
____ Leading Ministry
____ Leading Leaders
____ Planting Churches

X52: Great Commission Skills for Pastors & Leaders was designed primarily with pastors in mind, but all church leaders are welcomed. If we want our churches to be missional, we must provide pastors with the resources to be the missional leaders that missional churches and other missional leaders need. Typically, pastor training has not specifically addressed the development of certain missional, or Great Co-Missional, skills that pastors must acquire. X52 fills that gap in an online format that is both cost and time effective.

X52: Great Commission Skills for Pastors & Leaders – Outline:
____ Skill 1: Discerning & Developing Vision
____ Skill 2: Casting Vision & Creating Ownership
____ Skill 3: Setting Objectives & Establishing Accountability
____ Skill 4: Managing Ministry Time
____ Skill 5: Working with Staff & Leaders
____ Skill 6: Leaving a Gospel Footprint

The 5th Gear Experience: GiANT Worldwide is a global organization that is focused on the development of “Leaders Worth Following.” GO Center Founder and President Ken Priddy has been trained as a GiANT Trainer. One construct of GiANT training is The Five Gears. 1st Gear is Recharge Mode, 2nd Gear is Connect Mode, 3rd Gear is Social Mode and 4th Gear is Task Mode. 5th Gear is Focus Mode. Most leaders spend the lion’s share of their time and energy in 4th Gear, multi-tasking their way through days of divided focus fulfilling the myriad of tasks that come their way. 5th Gear, the domain of singular focus where vision, strategy and long-range objectives are born and developed, goes largely neglected. The 5th Gear Experience allows a single pastor or leader to work one-on-one with Dr. Priddy to develop these valuable 5th Gear skills and come away with real biblical vision, real practical strategies and real measurable objectives.

MAX OUT NOW! This title is a play on words or perhaps you might see it as having a double meaning with a twist. First, MAX OUT calls for church leadership to invest in missional vitality with a maximum commitment, a maximum effort with all hands and all resources on deck. Second, MAX OUT calls for church leadership to direct that maximum commitment and effort toward Great Commission ministry, focusing the priorities of ministry on gathering the harvest of lost or missing people from the surrounding community. The NOW!, the twist, ties in with the G.O.1 battle cry of Ready, Fire, Aim! The time is NOW to take action and not just to think about or talk about or plan to GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES but to do it – NOW!

MAX OUT NOW! is the most in-depth, comprehensive and holistic ministry that the GO Center provides with a full year of working with pastors and key leaders in their collective and individual ministries, bringing multiple training and assessing resources into the mix and consulting with each and all. To discover more about MAX OUT NOW! contact Ken Priddy.