WANTED: 27 More Churches

GO PROJECT Campaign 32 is the initial campaign of the GO PROJECT and is quietly launching NOW with a pilot project designed for 32 churches. 5 churches are already on the field. The primary focus of the GO PROJECT is the vitalization or revitalization of these 32 churches from multiple evangelical denominations as they are immersed in a holistic commitment to missional vitality through GO Center training, assessment, consultation and coaching.

Make Disciples while Making History
A Message from Dr. Ken Priddy

27+ years of ministry over the difficult and often uncharted terrain of church revitalization have led me to this moment, the launch of The GO PROJECT, and I’m inviting your church to be among the 32 American Evangelical churches that will form the pilot group.

During this 24-month commitment to holistic church revitalization, these pilot churches will partner with me in following the ROADMAP to Missional Vitality* as their congregations are energized through engaging their neighborhoods and communities. The Great Commission will come alive in these churches, bringing new life to both congregation and community. I will personally be your guide, your trainer, your consultant, and your coach, bringing all I’ve learned and all the resources I have developed or discovered over nearly three decades of revitalization ministry into the heart of your local mission outpost. Let’s do this – together!
Ken Priddy, DMin, PhD
Executive Director – The GO Center

BONUS: David R. Dunaetz, PhD, Associate Professor in the Department of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Azusa Pacific University, will gather, analyze and curate research data mined from The GO PROJECT’s pilot campaign to add insight for groups of churches that will be formed in subsequent GO PROJECT campaigns, an expected 1000+ churches over a span of 10+ years. Your church’s commitment to the pilot will blaze the trail for dozens, hundreds, maybe even thousands of churches that will follow your lead. See your church revitalized as you leave a legacy for others. In other words, Make Disciples while Making History!

The GO PROJECT – Pilot Campaign 32 Basic Facts
Launch Date: 2020 Open Enrollment (Staggered Start)
24-Months from Date of Launch of Each Individual Church
32 American Evangelical Churches from Multiple Denominations
Personal Direction & Interaction with Dr. Ken Priddy & the GO Center Team

COST of the GO PROJECT The cost per church for participation in the GO PROJECT varies according to a number of factors. To get the details regarding cost, contact Ken Priddy at 804-306-7942 or kenpriddy.com@gmail .com; kenpriddyepc@gmail.com (EPC churches only).

*The ROADMAP to Missional Vitality is a highly detailed guide that charts the GO PROJECT journey from beginning to end through 5 Markers that are divided by Checkpoints, Checklists and Outcomes. These provide ongoing clarity and accountability. On average, a church should take 18-24 months to work through the process, though timing is not a significant priority. Revitalization will not be fully realized at that point, but, upon completion, a church will be firmly established on a revitalization trajectory and will be able to continue its journey on its own. Of course, the GO Center is always available for reinforcement beyond the initial formal engagement.