Post-Seminary Fellowship

This innovative, one-of-a-kind program is a three-way partnership that engages you and the church you serve with the GO Center and turns the knowledge you gained seminary into skill

We believe:

1) it takes intentional, concentrated, and consistent effort to develop the skills necessary to become a highly effective Great Commission Pastor.

2) that every pastor has the capacity to develop these skills regardless of inherent leadership gifting or personality type.

The Great Commission Pastor Fellowship Program is a 36-month process that will develop and fine tune a diverse toolbox of skills. As a result, you will become a highly-trained and effective Great Commission Pastor – a pastor who can lead a healthy, vibrant church, make disciples and multiply the ministry.

You will develop your skills in two areas:

1) Helping those under your care grow closer to Jesus.

You will develop the skill, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to develop a culture where everyone is growing closer to Jesus regardless of how long they have known him.

2) Helping those under your care impact your community.

You will develop the skill, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to shift the paradigm from ministering just TO the congregation to ministering THROUGH the congregation.

Over 25 years of research and practice proves that healthy, growing, and multiplying churches have these two dynamics in common.

Join the movement today.

You will develop your skills through six intensives over three years.

Year One: The Soul Intensive and The Leadership Intensive
Year Two: The Preaching Intensive and the The Pastor Intensive
Year Three: The Gospel Intensive and The Multiplication Intensive

The Soul Intensive develops your skill to renew the health of the souls under your care through a discipleship matrix and pastoral care using the Great Commandment as your guide.

The Leadership Intensive develops your skill to develop missional and spiritual leaders through a battle-tested leadership process. This eight-step process includes shifting the paradigm from being an organizational leader to a becoming a leader of leaders and a missional coach.

The Preaching Intensive develops your skills to renew the spiritual health of those under your care by awakening their hearts, stirring their minds, and softening their wills through your preaching and teaching.

The Pastor Intensive develops six Great Commission pastoral skills including a rightly discerned godly vision, setting objectives and establishing accountability, managing your time, working with staff and leaders, and impacting others through the gospel.

The Gospel Intensive develops your skills to renew faith through applying the gospel to all of life. The includes shifting the paradigm of those under your care that the gospel is just as important AFTER they trust Christ as BEFORE they trusted him.

The Multiplication Intensive develops your skills to increase the leadership capacity of the church. This includes challenging the status quo, learning from mistakes and successes, attracting people to a common purpose, getting people to work together, leading by doing, and celebrating accomplishments.

You will be placed in a cohort so that you may learn and sharpen one another. The cohorts will be meet monthly over Zoom for up to 90 minutes.

In addition, you will meet with your advisor one-on-one once or twice a month to help you refine your skills for your local church and community setting. You will also have unlimited access to your advisor when questions arise.

The cost is $400 a month for 36 months. covered by your church for their edification and your continued education. This will accelerate your learning curve and get your ministry off to a quicker start with better results.

We limit the number of new Fellows to 30 a year. This gives us the proper amount of time to spend with each Fellow to ensure proper skills development.

Contact Rev. David Zook of the GO Center at for more details or to arrange a time to learn more about the Fellowship.