TRAINING & SUPPORT FOR PASTORS IN CHURCH VITALIZATION & REVITALIZATION: Training in Evangelical Foundations, Strategic Concepts & Constructs, Tools & Skills; Support through Training, Assessment, Consultation, Coaching & Recommended Resources

21st century pastors are often expected to be all things to all people as preacher, teacher, shepherd, counselor, visionary, strategist, chief of staff, evangelist, administrator and who knows what else, all rolled into one. As a pastor, how do you know when to say “yes” and when to say “no?” How do you prioritize the best from the good? How do you leverage strengths and strengthen weaknesses? How do you develop a team to share the load? How do you serve a congregation while reaching a community? The list goes on and on. Is this what you thought ministry would be like when you first answered the call?

Pastor, you can’t do it all and you don’t have to go it alone. At the GO Center, we’ve GOT YOUR BACK! We have trainers, assessors, consultants, coaches and specialists that will come alongside you, and an inventory of resources that will support you in ministry and help you to sharpen your ministry skills, particularly in the area of missional vitalization and revitalization. POWER UP!

Contact: Ken Priddy – The GO Center – kenpriddy.com@gmail.com – 804-306-7942

GOT YOUR BACK! is available to evangelical pastors at a variety of price points. Contact Dr. Ken Priddy, Executive Director of the GO Center, to discuss your particular needs, interests, and circumstances so that you and Ken can design a MISSIONAL MINISTRY PACKAGE that’s right for you.


Quarterly(4) $850 + 1 On-Site ($3250 + Travel) + 2 On-Sites ($5250 + Travel)
Bi-Monthly(6)$1150 + 1 On-Site ($3550 + Travel) + 2 On-Sites ($5550 + Travel)
Monthly(12) $1750 + 1 On-Site ($4150 + Travel) + 2 On-Sites ($6150 + Travel)

In one-year partnerships, Quarterly, Bi-Monthly, or Monthly consultations are conducted between pastors and their GO Center Missional Ministry Partners (MMPs) via video conference as a first choice and via phone if necessary. For churches following the ROADMAP to Missional Vitality process that is offered by the GO Center, “Vision Teams” may be included in these consultations as well as pastors.

For all three levels, pastors also have unlimited access to their GO Center Missional Ministry Partners via email and phone as needed in addition to the scheduled 50-minute video/phone consultations. Pastors (and Vision Teams) also have access to all GO Center digital resources housed in the GO Center Online Portal.

On-Site training and consulting events can be included as either one On-Site event or two On-Site events during the one-year partnerships. The first On-Site is likely to be a full Church Vitality Weekend while the second On-Site is likely to be a weekday event, though each is scheduled as agreed by all parties. Fees include coverage of travel expenses for MMPs.