The Leadership Ladder: Developing Missional Leaders in Your Church – Dr. Steve Ogne & Dr. Ken Priddy (available at
The Gospel App Shape – Dr. Bill Senyard
The Kiss of God: Rediscovering the Song of Songs – Dr. Bill Senyard & Colleen Pepper
Fair Forgiveness: Finding the Power to Forgive Where You Least Expect It – Dr. Bill Senyard

The Leadership Ladder WORKBOOK – Dr. Ken Priddy (available at
Gospel App 1.0: Life Applications for Overwhelmed, Overconnected, and Overcommitted Jesus Followers – Dr. Bill Senyard
Take Heart YZ: How Millennials Can Preach the Gospel to Themselves and What Real Difference It Will Make – Dr. Bill Senyard

E-Books (Amazon Kindle or Kindle App)
The Silent Church: 39 Reasons We Keep the Good News to Ourselves – Ken Priddy
Jubal’s Worship Primer: Leading Worship & Leading Worship Leaders – Ken Priddy

VACANCY: Finding Who’s Misssing & Bringing Them Home – Ken Priddy Simply Vital: A Jumpstart to Basic-Yet-Complete Church Revitalization – Ken Priddy

Why Not Here? Why Not Now? Ken Priddy (Short Version 8:25)
Why Not Here? Why Not Now? Ken Priddy (Long Version 27:11)

Short YouTube Videos by Ken Priddy:

GO Talk: How to Discern, Develop & Declare Vision

GO Talk: How to Cast Vision & Create Ownership

Much more to come . . .