About the GO Center

No mystery here! You want to reach people with the lifesaving message of Jesus. You want to find who’s missing from the family of God and bring them home. We’re called to help you do just that and we have the tools and people to make it happen. We could be, perhaps, should be, working together. By the grace of God, we can do this, starting now.

Find me at kenpriddy.com@gmail.com or kenpriddyepc@gmail.com (EPC only). Or call me at 804-306-7942. The GO Center is here to serve alongside you. Let’s do this!

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What’s the GO CENTER all about?

The GO Center inspires hope, instills vision, informs strategy and invigorates action in pastors, leaders and congregations as they serve God by finding who’s missing and bringing them home.

The GO Center is a Virginia not-for-profit corporation that trains, coaches and consults with ministry leaders in gaining, sustaining or regaining Great Commission effectiveness. Led by its Founder and Executive Director, Dr. Ken Priddy, the GO Center works throughout the U.S. and occasionally beyond through on-site and online interaction.

Inspires Hope: Statistics indicate that over 80% of American churches are in plateau or decline. The typical congregation is a shrinking, aging congregation that struggles with a lack of funding, a lack of leadership, a lack of young adults and families, and a lack of energetic, relevant programming. Many of these congregations have lost hope that revitalization is possible and are resigned to a future beyond their control. The GO Center inspires hope by presenting a future that is biblically guided by the truth that Jesus Christ Himself is building His church and that God’s blessing can spark health, growth and multiplication.

Instills Vision: Congregations in plateau or decline have often lost their sense of vision and leaders wonder what God’s vision might hold for them. The GO Center encourages leaders to seek a vision of God before seeking a vision from God. Rather than beginning with the question, “What is God’s vision for our church,” the GO Center encourages leaders to ask, “What is God’s vision for Himself,” and then, “How can our church serve that vision?” With this big picture firmly in place, leaders are then led to a key vision question that captures the application of God’s big vision in the context of a local church. That question is, “How does God want to express Himself through our church in our community at this time?” This perspective, and the exercise of finding answers to this question, instills godly vision into church leaders of a clear direction toward a godly destination.

Informs Strategy: In the King James Version, Proverbs 29:18 reads, “without a vision, the people will perish.” Here’s another truth, “without a strategy, the vision will perish.” Discerning and developing God’s vision for a congregation is a vital and necessary investment, but words on a page do not make ministry happen. Articulating vision is an important first step but other steps must follow. For the GO Center, those steps form the M.V.P. Keys, eight keys to the Missional Vitality Process. This proven process begins with establishing a ministry platform of Spiritual Renewal combined with Strategic Initiative and builds its way to ministry that is launched into the community through the Great Commission Matrix. In the Matrix, Outreach, Evangelism and Discipleship are positioned as movements that thread through every ministry of the church, thereby making every ministry of the church a catalyst for reaching people and growing them in their faith.

Invigorates Action: With hope inspired, godly vision instilled and a Great Commission informed strategy, leaders are positioned to take action. The GO Center invigorates that action by challenging leaders and congregations to step out in faith in a proactive and timely way, and by supporting those leaders with ongoing coaching, consultation and training reinforcement. When leaders and congregations work the process, the process works!

Finding Who’s Missing & Bringing Them Home: Simply stated, the mission objective of the GO Center is to equip and empower pastors, leaders and congregations in finding who’s missing and bringing them home. The lost are the missing and Jesus came to seek and save the lost. As the Father has sent Him, so He is sending us. We are to go and make disciples of the lost, the missing, and the harvest is plentiful with fields ripe for harvest. We are to be His witnesses. The GO Center promotes finding the missing and bringing them home through outreach and evangelism, and, once home, they are to be discipled in their faith en route to becoming true worshipers who worship the Father in spirit and truth. The Father is seeking such people to worship Him. Hallelujah! Amen!

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