GO Center Ministry – Tools & Training, Coaching & Consultation, Research & Development for Greater Church Vitality

*To equip missional pastors and missional leaders to lead missional congregations.
*To equip Christian business owners, business executives and working people to see their places of business as mission fields, thinking and acting like winsome workplace missionaries.
*To equip faith-base nonprofit leaders to complete their missions and expand their service capacity.

Tools for finding who’s missing and bringing them home!
Romans 8:28-30

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Tools for Pastors
X-52 Training – Great Commission Skills for Pastors
5th Gear Focus – One-on-One Sessions in Strategic Design
Video and Phone Consultation – Single or Multiple Sessions
Church Vitality Coaching – One-Year Renewable
Transitional Ministry Introduction
Transitional Ministry Training

Tools for Leaders
The Leadership Ladder: Developing Missional Leaders in the Church
The Leadership Ladder Workbook

Tools for Congregations
G.O.1: Building Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix
Church Vitality 2.0
The Gospel Reset
G.O.2: Expanding Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix
G.O.3: Sustaining Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix
Church Vitality Weekend

Tools for Assessment
Church Life Cycle Analysis & Report
TruPoint Church Health & Vitality Assessment
TruPoint Quick Assessment
Missional Posture Survey
Great Commission Matrix Assessment
Ideal Vitalization Pastor Assessment
Natural Church Development Survey (NCD Survey)

Tools for Christian Businesses
GO Business – The Great Commission @ Work
Business Life Cycle Analysis & Report

Tools for Faith-Based Nonprofit Organizations
GO Business – The Great Commandment @ Work
GO Business (Nonprofit) Module 1: Mission Goes to Work
GO Business (Nonprofit) Module 2: Work Goes on Mission
Nonprofit Life Cycle Analysis & Report

*Click headings above to discover more about the ministry tools listed here.