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MISSING PERSON REPORT: John is six feet tall, 185 lbs. with thinning salt and pepper hair and brown eyes, approximately 45 years old. Last seen, he was wearing a light blue long sleeve shirt and dark slacks. He is on medication for moderate hypertension. He was spotted an hour ago coming out of his business office downtown carrying a messenger bag and a sport coat. John has recently begun to struggle with an unfamiliar spiritual curiosity, not knowing where it came from or what to do with it. If you care about John, pray and do something.

: Mary is five feet, six inches tall, 150 lbs. with shoulder length light brown hair and blue eyes, approximately 37 years old. Last seen, she was wearing dark yoga pants, a black and gray patterned tee shirt, a white jacket and Nikes. She is on no known medications. She was spotted around noon getting into a silver SUV in a fitness center parking lot on the north side. Mary has recently been troubled by negative reports from teachers regarding her middle school son. She’s at a loss as to what to do but needs and wants some support. If you care about Mary, pray and do something.

LABOR REPORT: “The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest,” (Matthew 9:37-38).

CALL TO ACTION: Matthew 9 tells out that Jesus had compassion for the crowds because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36). Do you have compassion? Do you care? Does your church care? The GO Center is ready, willing and able to help you and your church find who’s missing and bring them home.

To equip missional pastors to develop missional leaders to lead missional congregations.
To equip Christian business owners, business executives and working people to see their places of business as potential mission fields and to think and act like workplace missionaries.

Tools for finding who’s missing and bringing them home!
Romans 8:28-30

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Tools for Pastors
X-52 Training – Great Commission Skills for Pastors
5th Gear Focus – One-on-One Sessions in Strategic Design
Video and Phone Consultation – Single or Multiple Sessions
Church Vitality Coaching – One-Year Renewable
Transitional Ministry Introduction
Transitional Ministry Training

Tools for Leaders
The Leadership Ladder: Developing Missional Leaders in the Church
The Leadership Ladder Workbook

Tools for Congregations
G.O.1: Building Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix
Church Vitality 2.0
The Gospel Reset
G.O.2: Expanding Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix
G.O.3: Sustaining Your Church’s Great Commission Matrix
Church Vitality Weekend

Tools for Assessment
TruPoint Church Health & Vitality Assessment
TruPoint Quick Assessment
Missional Posture Survey
Great Commission Matrix Assessment
Ideal Vitalization Pastor Assessment

Tools for Christian Businesses
GO Business – Strengthening the Christian Business; Strengthening the Marketplace Witness

*Click headings above to discover more about the ministry tools listed here.